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Session Highlights: Sunset at State Park Beach

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Leading up to Cindy and her daughter, Kynlee’s session, I was eager to capture some special moments for them. After finding out about Kynlee's interest in bubbles, I challenged myself to think of a unique way to incorporate that into their photo shoot.

Mother and daughter smiling at each other at the beach


When planning a shoot, I like to send a short questionnaire to my clients. It's a great way to learn a little bit about everyone and can definitely help me think of some personal and unique ideas.

After reading through Cindy’s answers, I noticed that she had mentioned a few things that stood out to me. They were about what she wanted most out of her photos and some of her daughter's interests. This included having photos of Kynlee laughing, one of her favorite colors is purple, and that she loves bubbles.

I had thought for a few days of what I could possibly use for a bubble jar, then it hit me. After a trip to the craft store, a few layers of spray paint, some twine, and a couple of hot glue burns on my fingers, I finished a sea glass inspired bubble jar!


Purple and glittery glass jar with twine on lid


Now that I made a purple bubble jar and knew that I needed to try capturing Kynlee laughing, it was time to pack up and go!

We agreed on taking the photos at Fontainebleau State Park, which is located in Mandeville, LA. The park is a popular option for photographers, as it provides towering oak trees, a sandy beach area, viewpoints of Lake Ponchtatrain, and wildlife throughout.

When I first met Kynlee, I showed her the bubble jar. I could see her interest and thought that it was the perfect idea. I was relieved that she appreciated it, but was also excited that I would have opportunities to get some really neat photos.


Girl blowing bubbles at the beach


It was a beautiful evening, and everything went smoothly. I had talked to Cindy on the side and told her whenever she felt the time was right, to tickle Kynlee. I made sure that I was ready to capture that moment and I couldn't be happier with the results!


Mother holding her smiling daughter at the beach


As a photographer, I realized that for me it is vital to connect clients to what is special to them. By giving Kynlee the bubbles and making a unique jar for her to hold, it blended into the photos perfectly. Honestly, it’s also really fun trying to think of crafts or something unique to use!

There's a feeling of achievement and pride when you can create a comfortable atmosphere for your clients. When you do that, you start seeing the genuine expressions come out and then you can capture those lovely candid moments.


With all of that being said, thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog! I want to send a huge thanks to all of my supporters out there also.

If you are wanting to plan a photo session or know anyone that does, contact me at Firmin's Photos and I would love to start planning something unique for you!

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