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In my early 20's I went on a backpacking trip to the Smoky Mountains and also camped for five days in Yellowstone National Park. The experiences throughout both were unforgettable. At the time, I owned a cheap point and shoot camera. When I looked through my photos from both trips, I was immediately intrigued in wanting to take more. So, I ended up buying a better camera, collected a few lenses, and continued traveling.


26 National Parks and a few years later, here I am. Being a freelance photographer, all of  my experience has been self taught. After watching countless videos, reading about numerous techniques, coming home from trips to find out that I had the wrong settings on my camera, and sometimes only getting a few chances to take specific photos, learning photography on my own has definitely shown it's challenges.


With a desire to continue growing through my journey, I have been studying to prepare myself for the Certified Professional Photographer exam. Alongside the studying, I had found the perfect oppurtunity to freshen up my photography skills and to even learn a lot of new ones!

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