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Hey there!

I'm CJ Firmin, a photographer that lives in Covington, LA.


For the last five years, I have worked hard to teach myself how to capture photos of natural landscapes, wildlife, and more recently various portrait photography.


As time went on, I felt that something was missing though. All of the hard work that I have put into my photography needed somewhere to officially share it. That's when I finally created my website and also began booking photo shoots after starting my business, Firmin's Photos. I am excited to see how everything evolves in the years to come. 


With that said, welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy my content and maybe we will end up scheduling a photo shoot! But hey, if not, no hard feelings!  


I am currently accepting a variety of bookings including family, engagement, solo portrait, seniors/graduates, and even pet photo sessions.


With a creative mind and a passion for photography, I would love nothing more than to capture some special moments that you can bring home.


You can directly book a session at any time or contact me through email if you have any questions! There's no rush and no pressure. Besides, this is about you and planning what will work best around your work and life schedule. 


My Vision

My vision through my photography journey is to continue traveling to National Parks, exploring landscapes, and capturing wildlife. 

While being home, I want to provide photoshoots for any interested families, friends, couples, or newly engaged. I am excited to deliver the best photos that I can, but to also provide a comfortable and fun experience for all. 

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