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Preparing for Your Photo Session

Have you been wanting photos taken lately? Not sure what to wear?

Well, good news! I have some tips to share on just that. Keep in mind that these are suggestions and can be used for all types of photo sessions. I also break down how a typical photoshoot goes while I’m planning with you.


The Initial Planning

Assuming you made the decision to work with me, I will be ready to help you out as much as you need. There is a short questionnaire that I like to use, depending on the photoshoot. Learning about everyone’s different interests, family activities, hobbies, and even favorite music can spark my creativity!

Look, it’s common to be a little nervous or shy in front of a camera. No worries though, because I enjoy meeting new people and talking to everyone. The questionnaire also gives me ideas of some conversation starters.

Learning a little bit about everyone has proved itself beneficial numerous times now. My goal for every session is to capture something special for you. I also want to make sure that you can feel comfortable, have fun, and just be yourself! That is when great photos really come to life.


I love thinking of different ways to add a personal touch to your photos. For a few shoots, I specifically made props at home to use. You can see the wooden bench that I made in the photo below!

Family having fun at the park during sunset

The same photo above was taken recently, with the Oxford family. It’s subtle, but their daughters are wearing flower crowns that I gave them before we began the session. Not only did the crowns compliment the scenery of wildflowers, but everyone loved them!


Now, let's dive right in and get to planning those outfits!



The location helps set the scene and tie everything together. You may already have a location in mind, which is great! If not, are you interested in an indoor or outdoor location? Maybe the beach or a grassy field? In the city for an urban look?

If you don't have a set location, that's okay! With some places that I already have in mind and us brainstorming, we will find something you love. Along with the planned location, I always have at least one backup in mind. Weather can be unpredictable at times. Plus, you never know if something comes up that would force changing the session’s date.


Like the saying goes, "It's better to be safe than sorry!"


What to Wear

Deciding on what to wear can be downright stressful. It doesn't have to be that way though. By planning ahead, coordinating a few colors, and just having fun through it all, those great photos will be well on the way!

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure your clothes fit you well and are not baggy. Feel comfortable in them and by all means, wear what you feel the most confident in.

  • Plan Ahead

The longer you have to plan your outfits, the better. This is especially true for families, where it may become overwhelming with multiple people. Try laying everyone's outfits on a bed to see them side by side. From there, you can decide if everything coordinates well or not. If something stands out and doesn't coordinate well, replace it with another color and see if that helps.

  • What About After?

Do you plan on having photos printed to hang on the wall? Look around your room or rooms where you intend on placing your new photos. You can use the color theme from the decor to plan your outfits accordingly.

  • Think Year Round

When having photos printed after the photoshoot, think about if you want to leave them out for display year-round or not. Maybe you want to use them on an entryway table only during the holidays. As the seasons change, you may not want those beach photos on the wall during Christmas!

  • Logos and Patterns

Avoid wearing clothes that have large logos or abstract patterns on them. They can tend to be distracting and overwhelm the photos.


So, I saved this part for last. This is the bread and butter of nailing your outfits! It will be brief, since I plan on discussing this further on another blog.

  • Seasons In Mind

When deciding on what colors you want to wear for a photoshoot, you should consider the current season you are in. Here's a quick example.


Use a variety of pastel colors. Along with whites and creams, think of lighter shades including blue, pink, and yellow.


Give flat and bold colors a try. Warm yellows paired with a contrasting navy blue can be a great option. Even cooler tones including teal, mint green, and coral pink stand out well.


This season is all about those warm and earthy colors! Rusty oranges and reds, mustard yellows, darker browns, and cream tones are excellent colors to choose from.


Jewel colors, like emerald green and ruby red make a statement during this season. Other popular tones include blues, blacks, and medium to light grays.

  • Color Scheme

What is a scheme anyway?

I'm glad you asked!

In the world of colors, a scheme is an artistic selection of certain colors found on the color wheel. I will definitely be writing a blog soon to explain all of this more!

I'm sure complimentary colors sounds familiar, right? Two colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. There's another scheme called Monochromatic. This is when variations of lightness and saturation are used for a single color found on the color wheel. Think of different hues of that one color. See, that wasn't too bad!

Now you can use these two schemes for planning your outfits!

  • Coordinate

Remember to coordinate, not match. You could start by deciding on a main color and then adding two or three accent colors to compliment your outfits.

A common example would be using a neutral as the main color and then adding a couple of complimentary colors to that. Don't forget about the monochromatic options for one of those complimentary colors.

Let's say you had a photoshoot coming up during the summer months. For an example, I'll use a family of four and show the color scheme and outfit selections to help visualize it all.

Notice the colors below. This scheme is using a couple of neutrals, blues, and yellow. Using the monochromatic colors of blue, the brown neutrals, and a pop of yellow make for a great summer option!

Here's an idea of the outfits using the above color scheme.

Dad: White shirt, khaki pants, darker brown shoes and belt

Mom: Medium blue summer dress, light brown sandals

Daughter: Light yellow summer dress, white and tan sandals

Son: Light blue shirt, tan shorts, darker brown shoes

Adding accessories into your outfits can bring a pop of color and look great. It also gives you an opportunity to show your unique style! Some popular options include hats, watches, necklaces, and bracelets. The ideas are endless.


Phew... That was a lot! Honestly, I wanted to write something like this for a while. Now you can come back to my blog to reference these tips and ideas at any time. I hope that you find this blog helpful for your future photo sessions!

So, when you are ready to show off those coordinated outfits, contact Firmin's Photos to plan a photoshoot and have those special moments captured to bring home!

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